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The Botanica

Botanica Macumba is a New Orleans based spiritual supply shop, event space, and cafe. While specializing in products serving practitioners of  Vodou, Lucumi, Candomble, and Quimbanda, Botanica Macumba also has products serving a variety of other traditions, devotions, and practices. Services are available upon request. 


Herbs, Baths, Washes, and Tinctures

Botanica Macumba has a variety of standard and rare herbs used in everything from Amaci (herbal baths), washes for various spiritual products, to alchemically derived tinctures and vegetable stones. 


Events and Services

Botanica Macumba also hosts events, spiritual services, rituals, and devotionals. Aside from the many spiritual events, we also host musical performances, local art, guest speakers and writers, and theatrical performances.

The New Orleans Chapel of The Santisima Muerte

Additional Information

 The New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte is a public, outdoor shrine dedicated to the Mexican folk saint, La Santisima Muerte. Originally in the Mid City area of New Orleans, it has now moved to Botanica Macumba at 3154 St. Claude Ave in New Orleans. The outdoor shrine is accessible 24/7 to all devotees of La Madrina. The Chapel is registered as a Non-Profit Organization in the State of Louisiana and Orleans Parish. 


Académie Gnostique

About Académie Gnostique

  Botanica Macumba is also proud to host classes and events by New Orleans' premier school for Occult science and traditional mystical education.  Académie Gnostique offers students peerless instruction in magick and esotericism.  



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Botanica Macumba

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